Corporate Event Catering

Impress your Clients, Colleagues & Employees

If you are planning a corporate catering event, we can help to ensure a smooth, stress-free event. Depending on the number of attendees, scheduling meetings and presentations we will help ensure the success of the event according to your requirements with respect to the venue, style, menu and themes.

We believe food is at the heart of every corporate event. People's energy, passion and enjoyment often improve with good food and beverages in hand.

We have an industrial portable kitchen, preparation stands, cooking appliances, and transportation – plus everything else you and your guests could possibly need for setting up and dining in luxury.

Our Menu
Our menus are creative, innovative, individual, and unique. Every event is different, no matter the occasion or number of guests you can choose from one of our suggested menus or contact us for a bespoke and personalized culinary experience.
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